Monday, August 4, 2014

Marathon Training {week 9} & Weekending!

Oh Monday. You came too soon. 

This weekend started early when AR flew in early Friday afternoon. We went to the grocery store and bought something to cook for dinner, but by the time we got home, we had a change of heart. We were just discussing getting take out when friends called and asked us so come meet them for dinner.

We went to a local pizza place, which recently put in an adorable outdoor bar across the street. We sat outside, munched on roasted artichokes, and sipped fizzy drinks. Mine? peach puree and champs. #yummmm 

Eventually, the smell of pizza temped us and we all split a pizza with fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. If you are ever in ATL, go to Antico Pizza. The atmosphere is crazy, but the pizza is unbeatable! 

After I finished my peach drink, I switched to a san pelligrino and bottle of water because we had lots of running ahead. 

This week, I ran:
M- rest
T- 5 miles
W- 7 miles
Th- 5 miles
S- 6 miles + 3 mile walk. 

On Saturday morning, AR and I did our run at the gym, and then walked to our favorite brunch spot in midtown. We sipped iced coffee and chatted outside for an hour before walking back home. 

Saturday was a major shopping day - it was Tax Free Weekend in Georgia. I had plans to buy a new laptop for school, which gave me ridiculous anxieties. I pretty much hate making big purchases. I ended up getting a fabulous deal on a new MacBook Air, so I am thrilled. 

Yes, I highlight over each run after I'm done. I'm pretty much still an elementary school teacher.
Sunday was a 15 mile run. 

I didn't prepare enough. I had exactly 7 energy jelly beans for AR and I to split as fuel (that was going to last long). It was hot and sunny, but we did it! My legs were pretty sore from this week and I could feel the run in my hips. Ow. 

I felt decently strong until mile 11, when my feet and hips started hurting. Next week is a much shorter week, thank heavens, with only a 13 miler on the weekend. When we finished, I showered and climbed back in bed for a bit.

Dinner on Sunday night was a fabulous event: roasted turkey tenderloin with a homemade mushroom gravy, sweet english peas, and mashed red potatoes. 

Thanks for hosting the Weekending link-up, Champagne & Suburbs and B Loved Boston

How was your weekend? 



  1. um peach puree and champs? YUM. not to mention sunday's dinner as well. drooling!

    1. Kristen, I'll eat (or drink!) anything with peaches :)

  2. That dinner is making my mouth water!


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