Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Marathon Training Wk. 13 & a Long Weekend

Happy Tuesday!

Do you feel refreshed from the long weekend? Mine was extra long (no classes on Friday), and I took full advantage of it.

AR came in late on Friday night, so I cooked a yummy dinner of individual chicken pot pies (recipe here!) before he got home. I curled up on the couch with a glade of wine, my pot pie, and the movie Bride Wars.
Yes, you may think this sounds like a perfect fall evening, but I am embracing September as much as possible.

On Saturday morning, AR and I went to the gym for a 6 miler at an 8:30 pace. I, of course, got a bloody nose at around mile 5.5 and walked it in while holding a kleenex. About 5 different nurses got off their machines to ask if I was okay. I looked pretty pathetic.

We walked another mile to Bantam & Biddy for brunch and then walked home. We were gearing up for a night of FOOTBALL and ready to watch LSU beat Wisconsin.

We cooked some tailgate classics: chicken sausage, watermelon, and homemade sweet potato fries. I confess, I fell asleep at half time because LSU was losing and it was like 11pm. Of course, I missed all of the good parts. At least LSU won!!

AR and I had already decided to push our long run to Monday because of the holiday, so we made breakfast, cleaned the apartment, and went to a local coffee shop to study.

turkey bacon, fried egg, and a mug of grits!
I had about 200 pages of reading to get through, and between Friday and Sunday, I made it! I really wanted to leave Monday without any studying, and I was so happy to be free. Getting back into the grove of classes has been a little tough, especially with all of the craziness of interviews.
Check out that beautiful almond milk cafe au lait!

We did 12 miles on Monday morning. It was hot as could be. I was sweating buckets and the weather report said that it was 84% humidity. Yep, Atlanta marathon training is a real joy. I keep thinking the weather will get cooler and it doesn't :(

We met friends for brunch, took a walk around West Midtown, and then went furniture shopping. I am now the proud owner of this new coffee table!!!

How gorgeous is it? We picked it up at West Elm and I love how it looks in my living room with our new couch we bought a few months ago. I am not shopping for a large, dark brown tray to put on top.  Suggestions on where to look?

And of course, my weekend wouldn't be complete without froyo: chocolate hazelnut topped with berries. Yum.

Other runs this week:
M- rest
T- 5 miles
W- 5 miles
Th - 4 miles
F - rest

This week is going to be a bit rough - I have a 20 miler on Sunday and we are expecting temperatures well into the 90*s. AR and I have already promised to start at like 5am... lets hope we make it!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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