Friday, September 5, 2014

5 on Friday

Oh Friday, I needed you something fierce this week! Some how, short weeks always seem worse than full weeks. Is that just me?

Here are a few thoughts for the weekend :)

1. Football!
Football season has returned, my friends. I am so excited for tailgates and viewing parties. While I did not grow up in a big sports family, I have really enjoyed all things SEC since moving to the south. My bf is an avid LSU fan, so I have jumped on the bandwagon and joined in the fun.

2. 20 Miles
This weekend AR and I have our first 20 miler of training season. Jesus take the wheel. I am not so keen on it, especially not with this long week and the 90*+ weather all weekend. This is gonna be a doozy.

3. Airport Sadness
I had a disastrous flight experience this week. I flew out on Tuesday night after class and my flight got delayed like 2 hours or something. I didn't end up landing until after midnight and made it to my hotel after 1am east coast time.
I always travel with tea and a cozy sweater.. which really came in handy this week!

Then, on Wednesday night, my flight was majorly delayed and was reporting a midnight departure at one point. Thankfully, I got on an earlier plane, but I still didn't get in bed until after midnight. My poor body is so over it.

4. Clean Eats
I confess, my eating has been awful this week. I feel so gross. The last few weeks of interviewing have been so full of heavy meals. AR and I have also cooked some not-so-good choices. Tonight in class, my sweet prof brought pizza and I had a few bites. I am totally regretting it now and wishing for clean eats all weekend.

5. Skinnies and Hunters :) 
I use to consider September/October the months of sweaters and scarves. Since moving to ATL, I have renamed them the months of skinnies and Hunters. It is cooling off every once in a while, so I like pulling on jeans (because shorts in September still feels a little weird sometimes). With all of the rain we get, boots are a must! So I am living in my Hunter rain boots and loving every minute of it.

Have an awesome weekend!

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