Sunday, September 7, 2014

Marathon Training - Wk. 14!

This week was everything.

54 miles in 7 days. 

My best 20 mile run during marathon training.. ever!

Here is what I ran during the week:

M - 12 miles. This was horrific and sunny and hot and horrible. We pushed our Sunday long run to Monday because of the long weekend and really enjoyed the Sunday morning off, but Monday wasn't pretty.

T - 5 miles on the treadmill. I did this before class and it wasn't too bad. I held about a 9 minute pace and entertained myself with Law & Order :)

W - 4 miles in Houston. I went to Houston late Tuesday night and didn't end up arriving until after 1am. I was zonked the next morning, but got 4 miles in before my interview. It was fun to run through downtown Houston again... It made me a little homesick for Texas.

Th - 8 miles on the dreadmill. I went after class and this wasn't fun. I flew back to ATL on Wednesday night and once again, got home after 1am. After two nights of less than 5 hours of sleep, I was pretty miserable, but I got the miles in!

F - rest. Much much needed.

S - 5 miles at an 8:30 pace with AR. We went for our pace run late morning and both felt surprisingly strong. AR pushed 7:20 with his pace, but I stayed comfortable with an 8:30. It is ridiculous how much better 5 miles feels when compared to 8 miles.

S- 20 miles!!! First 20-miler of the training plan! We woke up extra early and ran by 6am (we learned from our Monday mistake). The temperature was better and we got 7 miles in before the sun rose. I was feeling pretty strong at 18 miles, despite the hilly route. Our pace was slower than normal, but I am not complaining considering the week we had.

Post run, I felt horrible. I fell asleep after my shower and had to force myself to get up and eat something. Even now, all I've has is grapes, toast, and chicken sausage. Long runs kill my appetite. 

We only have one more serious run before RACE DAY! I think its 12-20-12-8 or something like that.

The last 20 is going to become a 22 miler, just for some extra oomph for race day. Here's to hoping Chicago is so much flatter than ATL!!!


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