Monday, December 8, 2014

I am alive! {Weekend Recap}

I've been off blogland for a while.... :(

I apologize for the lack of posts and email responses - finals took over my life. After posting some lack-luster posts, I decided to let the blog take a rest while I focused on my studies. but I am back and have an action packed weekend to update you on!

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Friday morning was my last in-class final. I finished at 12:30, and brought myself back to life at Ulta. Yep, retail therapy at its finest. They had tons of products specialist there, so I got a mini-facial from Philosophy, some brow filling lessons from Anastasia brow, and a red lipstick tutorial from Bare Minerals. By the time I left, I felt like a new person.

On Friday night, I went out with a group of girlfriends to celebrate MY BIRTHDAY (which was actually November 26, but who has time to celebrate with finals?). We went to Ecco, one of my favorite spots in midtown Atlanta.

We sipped wine, shared fried goat cheese and honey appetizers, and debriefed from the week. I ordered stuffed acorn squash with pesto, brussel sprouts, and a few bites of beets.

My amazing friend Luci (who you've seen all over this blog) brought the best cake for me, complete with HW sparkler candles! If you live in Atlanta, run to Alon's bakery and grab their chocolate mouse cake. It is to. die. for.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling sick. This always happens after finals... my body just crashes. My night out probably didn't help much either :P AR and I went to Target, Whole Foods, and Barnes & Nobles, before coming home to relax for the afternoon.

Check out this adorable rosemary bush I got at Whole Foods - it is cut to look like a christmas tree!! I got out all of my decorations, plus the 5 million christmas candles I bought at Target. My apartment is likely a fire hazard, but it smells incredible.

AR and I made chili on Saturday night, watched the holiday episode of Nashville, and snuggled under blankets. It felt so amazing to relax and not study - I cannot even explain it.

Sunday morning was church and brunch, followed by an evening holiday party in Buckhead. I brought a platter of chocolate covered pretzels (tutorial coming this week!), which disappeared shortly. The party was a blast - the food was wonderful and the view was spectacular.

They even had professional Bollywood dancers (random!), who lead up in dancing, followed by a professional flamingo guitarist. We left with sore feet and full bellies.

At the end of the night, we all took the ballon decorations and released them on the balcony. It was a beautiful start to the holiday break!



  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I will be sure to continue to follow along too. :-) - Caroline @ Windy City Chic

    1. Thanks for reading, Caroline! I'm following you now too :)


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