Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Life has been a little hectic lately, so here is where I am at.

1. Wedding planning is SO HARD! Okay, so it is not the planning that is hard, it is the decision making. I still have not selected a date/venue/STATE/anything. I cringe every time someone says "when is the wedding?" because I honestly do not know. In my defense, I had finals, and it was important that I stay focused. Because flowers and table settings are obviously more interesting than Bankruptcy Law.

2. I have made a million appointments to tour venues over the winter break. My goal is to book something by the 31st. Think I can do it?

3. Sneak peak at our fall photo session - which I threw together in time to order holiday cards. I absolutely LOVE them all and will post more after I mail out our cards. We got such perfect weather and fall colors for the shoot, I am so happy with them.

4. Speaking of cards, AR and I addressed them on Monday night and had so much fun. We have such amazing friends and family, I feel so blessed. Of course, when we ask people for their addresses, they ask if we are sending wedding invites. Nope, not yet. Just sending holiday cheer.

5. I am pretty much done with finals. I have on assignment due on Friday, and I am just about finished with it. In all honesty, I could submit it now and it would be great, but I always hold onto the last assignment of the semester because I want it to be perfect. It is a pass/fail advanced writing course. Being perfect won't make a difference, but here I am, color coding my edits.

6. I have not bought a single christmas gift. Not one. And all of my gifts need to be wrapped and ready when I fly to Texas next Thursday. I better work on that at some point...

7. My workouts have been on the struggle bus lately. I've been sick since saturday and have only worked out once. So much for combating all of the holiday sweets with strength training. Now I am just sitting on the couch eating Whole Foods organic pho-Oreos. #thisismylife

Has anyone purchased their christmas gifts? 
How many venues can I tour before I need to just pick one? 



  1. I am confident you'll find a venue by the end of the year. Once you get the date and venue, everything else will fall into place. The first step is the hardest, trust me!

    1. I am so encouraged to hear this! Thank you!

  2. Ahh what a lovely picture, congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding! I'm sorry to hear you're sick -- I've been under the weather too and I know how much it sucks when you're trying to kill it on the workout front. Hope you feel better soon (and kill those finals, too!)

    1. Thank you!! I need all the good luck wishes I can get on those finals ;) Have a great weekend!


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