Tuesday, January 6, 2015

3 Ways to have a Fantastic January

I really love the fresh start of January. I make resolutions, I get excited about new goals, and everything seems full of possibilities. This year, I announced some of my upcoming goals for 2015, but I wanted to share ideas specifically for January.

Whether or not you make resolutions, these are specific ideas for your month. We stay home more in January. We stay inside more in January. So lets use that time for the fullest.

1. Pick an Organization Project. Or 5. 
Last year, I did the January Cure with Apartment Therapy. Has anyone ever done this? It was awesome and full of ideas to organize, declutter, and beautify my apartment. But it was a lot. Honestly, I didn't complete all of them. While I felt like I had done some awesome projects, I also felt like a failure by mid-January. (If you did all of them, jealous)

This year, I am picking a few must-do projects:
- Clear out the kitchen. AR and I did that last Friday while we were both off. We removed everything from the kitchen and pantry, and cleaned the whole thing. Then we sorted and reorganized. The space moves so much better now and looks neater.
- Clear out the bathroom - maybe next week? I have beauty products for days that I need to clear out. I bet I don't use half of them and they are just taking up space.
- Organize the photos on my computer and print ones from last year. If I really do well, I will order a Shutterfly Photo Book for 2014. #dreambig
Love this idea for Pantry Organization!

2. Wear What You Own. 

Confession: I shopped for myself over the holiday. And I received clothing as gifts. And I really didn't need clothes before all of this.
For the month of January, I am NOT buying any clothes/accessories/makeup. I am wearing and using what I have. Maybe you can do the same. Browse Pinterest for inspiration and work through your closet. You may find things you don't like, or things that you forgot that you loved!

3. Try a New Weekend Activity. 
Visit a museum. Volunteer at a local non-profit. Organize a dinner party at your house.
Weekends can fall into routine: eating out, shopping, watching movies, etc. Pick something new and try it this weekend!

I am going to visit one Atlanta attraction this month and try to take a long walk each weekend. What will you try?

What are your plans for January?


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  1. I am not buying clothes but for a different reason. I have a hard time wanting to spend money on things that will only temporarily fit me (aka maternity clothes). So I am pretty much re-wearing the same outfits every single day to work. Haha! I don't have much other choice!


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