Thursday, February 26, 2015

Photo Project: Shutterfly Photo Book

Yesterday was a snow day (hallelujah!) and I enjoyed every minute of it. I got some school work done and planned to play in the snow in the afternoon... but no snow came.

That is right. No. Snow.

So, I entertained myself with a movie and some photo crafting.

I am not what you would call "crafty." I can do projects, but it usually takes me 2807084 hours because I am a perfectionist and want it to look just like the picture. Which is why scrap booking didn't work out for me. I was way too anxious about the process and never finished more that 3 pages.  #pinterestfail

But I LOVE taking photos and am so sick of them all sitting on my computer or phone. Enter photo books. I decided to start making photo books online a few years ago and am now obsessed.

After some research, I found Shutterfly had the best options and prices. I pick my book size (usually 8 x 11, but I did a larger one for my mom). Then I upload all my photos and play away with backgrounds, lettering, and borders.

LOVE the cover options now. When I first started making photo books,
they only had hard or soft covers.
The new leather and matte finish covers are beautiful. 

Sometimes I make my own theme, but other times I take advantage of the styled books. These come with a theme of colors, papers, and embellishments, plus idea pages to get the juices flowing. When I did one for my classroom, I used a teacher template, which came with awesome clip art. I used a travel template for a trip to Europe.

Buckingham Palace <3 

Yesterday I started a book with all my 1L photos. I don't want to forget the fun of my first year of law school. This book with be part journal, part photo. I am even trying to scan in ticket stubs and mementos to put in the book. Sidenote: love making photo books on the computer because I can work on it a little bit at a time without a ton of mess. If I try to make a real photo book, it takes me an hour just to set up and clean up. No joke.

I am also thinking of using one of the books as a guest book for AR & I's wedding. I love the idea of putting a bunch of our fun photos in a book and letting people sign throughout!

If you wanna try making a photo book (hello holiday photo dump!), check out Shutterfly. They usually have tons of promotions and coupons. When I ordered my holiday cards last year, I got almost 60% off!

love all the new sizes!!!

How do you preserve and display your photos? 


Note: This post was not sponsored by Shutterfly. I just wanted to share my fun from yesterday!

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  1. I love Shutterfly! I make all of my books through them!


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