Friday, March 6, 2015

5 on Friday {3/5}

Happy Friday!!! And Happy Spring Break to me!

Linking up with Natasha and friends for some Five on Friday fun. Thanks for hosting, ladies!

1. Spring Break Plans
Spring break is here! This weekend I am staying in Atlanta with AR. We have a race on Sunday morning and then I am flying out that night to Chicago. My MOH/friend from college (kind of. we didn't actually go to the same college) is meeting me there and another friend lives in the area. At the end of the week, I have a school competition and then I will fly back to ATL. Whew.

2. Chicago Visit
I cannot describe how excited I am to see friends from home. We are going to go bridesmaid dress shopping, watch the Bachelor together (aahhhh!), and indulge in lots of yoga classes. We are so lucky that this trip worked out. Two of my friends have conferences later in the week and I have the competition that weekend. We are all coming in early and I cannot wait.

My dear Kathryn and I in Nashville last year!!!
3. My First NBA Game
I surprised AR with tickets to the Hawks game on Tuesday night. We had SO much fun. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but it was a blast. AR loved it and wants to get season tickets now... I hope I love it 42 games worth :P

4. Wedding plans
Now that the dress is found, I am on to other vendors. Up next - photographer. Fear not, the planner has already told me that this should have been booked ages ago. What can I say, I am in law school. We have the caterer, venue, florist, planner, and dress. We are getting there.
How did you pick your photographer? How do you determine what photographer matches your style? What is a good price to pay? Do I even want the album they sell? Or should I make my own? These are my many unanswered questions.

5. Race this weekend
This weekend is the Junior League of Atlanta Shamrock n' Roll 10k! I am really excited, but praying for some warmer weather. Last weekend's 5k was brutal and I don't want to do that for 6 miles. Seriously, so so cold. Also, I have only done one other 10k and I find them hard to pace. You want to give it your all, but then no... because its 6 miles. I only want to run marathons where people don't judge my pace.

Do you do winter races or wait for the warmer weather? 
What is your favorite sport to watch live?



  1. Oh my gosh your Chicago trip sounds like so much fun! I think in choosing the photographer not only do you want to see how the photos look online and what they have done but the physical product that they produce as well if you are going to get the images in an album as part of your package...and also can't stress this enough but make sure you have all the rights to your photos so that you can make albums for much cheaper for your family!! :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I'm so jealous of your spring break plans! I SO wish I still had spring break! I'm going on my 5th year of no spring break...sniff sniff. Oh well, I hope you have a great time! Happy Friday!

  3. Good luck on your 10k! I am doing my first on March 22nd!

  4. Hope you're having fun in Chicago!! I am ridiculously excited for The Bachelor tomorrow night - team Whitney :)


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