Thursday, March 5, 2015


It is Thursday! Today is my last day of classes before spring break and I couldn't be more happy :) Of course, I am heading to the cold for the week, which is sad.

I've incorporated a few new foods into my meals lately and wanted to share what I am eating right now. 

1. Juices
I am on the juice craze - kind of. I started drinking Arden's Garden juices a few months ago (they sell them at my Whole Foods) and am officially obsessed. I now drink about 4 a week and I love the burst of energy I get from them. So much better than coffee as an afternoon pick-me-up!
I am so-so on the pure vegetable juices. I would love to say that I gobble up kale juice, but not so much. I have found that vegetable/fruit combos are my favorite. Pineapple, lemon, and ginger are all strong flavors, which combats the bitter taste of greens.
Note: Fruit juice is high a sugar. Watch out for potential sugar crashes if you start drinking a ton of them!

2. Blood Oranges
I love all things winter citrus, but blood oranges are my new fav. So juicy and colorful. 
This meal was a turkey bacon and egg breakfast sandwich with blood orange and tangerine on the side. Simple breakfast. 

3. Salads
I fell off the salad wagon for a few months - anyone else ever have this happen? I was just not hungry for salads. I had a few days where I packed salads and was totally uninterested in them, so I took a break. I brought chopped veggies with hummus or vegetable soups for lunch instead. I am happy to say that I have felt a resurgence in my love of salads in the last week. I have had them several times and actually enjoyed them! 
Today's salad: spinach, turkey, cucumber, carrots, and avocado. 

4. Roasted Chicken and Veggies
When I don't love salads, roasted veggies are my favorite. Specifically root vegetables, but also spring asparagus. So so so good!
I am also loving whole roast chicken. After attempting a whole roasted chicken one week, I realized it was EASY and yummy. I love having roasted chicken once a week and then lots of leftovers to enjoy in soups and salads. 

So that is what I have been eating! Do you get in food ruts? Do your cravings change in the colder months?


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  1. I frequently get sick of salads. I can only do so many before I can't even handle seeing them. Luckily, once I rotate in different veggies for awhile I grow fond of them again!


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