Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wedding: Calligraphy

Aaron and I are in the process of picking out invitations. This process is much more challenging than I anticipated. The current project: selecting a calligrapher!

Because our wedding is in August 2015, I need to select someone asap, because summer is busy wedding season.

Here are some pictures of envelop calligraphy I love!

source: etsy

source: etsy

source: Style Me Pretty

source: etsy

source: Post Man's Knock

Did you have the calligraphy done for your invitations and/or envelopes?

Hannah Wahlen 


  1. Those are all beautiful choices. We did NOT have a calligrapher because it wasn't something we decided to spend money on, we allocated that to food/flowers. My parents actually addressed all 200 of our invitations in two days, yes, they are amazing.

    I really like how special calligraphy makes wedding envelopes look, though. SO festive and fun!

  2. We had our invites addressed by a calligrapher who worked for the invitation company - it was so easy! It was also fantastic because the invitations were delivered beautifully and I didn't have to do an extra tone of work! I think the first glance of the invitation is the first glance guests at the wedding so it's nice to make them look nice.. good luck making your pick :)

    1. That is so easy!! I love that! I do agree, the calligraphy makes such a first impression. And in all honesty, I think the cost is low for the level of impact. I bet your invitations were gorgeous :)


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