Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekending {3/30}


Where did March go?? How is it already APRIL this week?

Its just about 4 weeks until finals, 4.5 months until our wedding.... craziness!

This weekend did not feel like April weather; it was pretty cold for much of the weekend.

Aaron and I had a lunch date on Friday afternoon. I picked him up from work for a quick bite at Bell Street Burritos. We drive by this place all the time, but I had never been in. The food was great: I had a burrito bowl with pinto beans, broccoli, salsa, potatoes, and cheese. Yummm.

That night, my friend Neha and I went to a fashion show supporting Youth Spark in Atlanta. This organization helps victims of human trafficking in our city.

The event was fantastic, but I wasn't feeling the food, so I came home and at a pb&j. On Friday night.  In my heels and dress. Classic.

Aaron and I reached a pathetic moment in life on Saturday morning. We woke up and decided to get grocery shopping done first thing. We went to our favorite coffee shop for coffee and mini sweet potato biscuits, then headed over to Whole Foods. Yes, we now rush to the grocery store first thing on the weekend. Does this mean we are devoted foodies? Or sad?

When we got home, I made whole wheat biscuits for a late breakfast, and then headed to the gym. We ran errands and studied for the rest of the day. And one of us watched basketball, obviously :)

Sunday morning started with a live donkey at church (!!!), complete with a petting zoo out front. A nearly died over the baby pigs and goats. So adorable.

In the afternoon, Aaron went with me for the Tour of Kitchens with the Junior League of Atlanta. We watched some awesome chef demos in several amazing kitchens. We even learned how to make cheese! I will let you know how this goes for me when I try it at home.

We had to work off all the cheese, so we went for a 6 mile run around the neighborhood before heading home to make dinner. On the menu: my favorite roasted chicken and vegetables.

What is your favorite Sunday dinner?


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  1. Wow, looks like a fun and fabulous weekend, lady! We will have an early morning grocery run too, just to get it out of the way and get the good stuff!

    That kitchen tour looks amazing, just amazing!

  2. I’m having a hard time believing that we’re practically to April, so crazy!! Gosh, what a fun morning at church! The kitchen tours sounds like the coolest thing!

  3. The Tour of Kitchens seems like so much fun - such a great weekend activity! Hope your Monday is off to a good start :)


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