Friday, April 3, 2015

Five on Friday {4/3}

1. Birthday Party Fun!
Last night we celebrated the birthday of my dear friend Caroline. Her and I were in the same section our first year of law school (this means you take every class together for two semesters). She is the sweetest and we and a blast celebrating her day at the Painted Pin, an upscale bowling/bar/entertainment space in Atlanta.
I told Aaron that guys were sending rounds of drinks to our bowling lane for Caroline's birthday and he said "drink with you left hand"... hahah!

Of course, we ended the night with ice cream at Jeni's!

2. Speaking of Jeni's
I read this awesome article on checking your sweet tooth on Lauren Conrad's blog. Have you read her blog? I think it is full of useful information!

3. Wedding Registry 
Tomorrow, Aaron and I start the process of building our wedding registry. We have gotten lots of pressure from friends and family to do this, so we need to start. I think I have finally settled on a set of dishes... let's hope. #queenofbeingindecisive

So far, I plan to register at Macy's and Pottery Barn. Any other thoughts? I'd love to hear advice on things to register for or things to skip!

4. Grocery Shopping
Last weekend I shared my love of early morning grocery store trips. I found this awesome printable on the CooksSmart website. Isn't this helpful? I need to print it for my refrigerator.

5. Happy Easter!

Have a blessed easter, everyone!


Thanks for hosting Five on Fridays, Natasha :)

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  1. Registering for your wedding is so much fun!! WE had a blast when we did it ;) Can't wait to see the good stuff you get


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