Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekending: wedding registry fun {4/6}

Hey y'all! So glad you stopped by - I need some wedding registry help!

Our weekend started on Friday with the most fantastic weather ever. It was in the 80's on Friday and we absolutely loved it. Of course, AR was off of work and enjoyed the weather by running outside and walking to a local breakfast stop. I enjoyed the weather by studying on an outside table at the law library.

we had the doors open to enjoy the sunshine!

We headed to downtown Decatur for the evening. I swear, every time we make the short drive over the Decatur, we spend the whole time saying "I would live here." It is just the nicest community and so full of great restaurants, shops, and outdoor space. Love.

We had dinner at Chai Pani, which is an Indian street food place. My favorite: The kale pakoras, which AR describes as "balls of batter with bits of kale." So yummy.

don't those look healthy?

Sunday, we started the wedding registry! We made great progress at Macy's and the woman who helped us was fantastic. She was so knowledgable and gave tons of advice.

aaron mastered the scanning gun :) Anyone want to get us a wok?

I am kind of struggling on the dish front though. I am only registering for every day dishes because (1) I have my great grandmothers fine china and (2) I don't have storage space in my apartment for another set.

I love this set from Pottery Barn and their are tons of available serving platters, but I worry it is too simple and I will get tired of it. My plan is to add in accent plates to jazz it up though.

I also like this set from Crate and Barrel, which is a little more decorative (there are tiny white dots on the rim), but keeps a blank slate for other accents.

white pearl set from crate & barrel
Any thoughts on quality of the dishes or anything? I am so conflicted.

All in all, we had a fun time and will return to the process this week in effort to finish up!

Have a great week!


Thanks for hosting, Biana!


  1. love the dishes from crate and barrel. Perfect for all occasions.

  2. We love having the doors/windows open and letting fresh air in! We had so much fun registering – I think I added to/changed our registry like everyday! It’s so addicting! I loved picking a dish set that had a lot of pieces to accompany it – it makes hosting easy! We actually did two sets of dishes – one fiestaware (they have like every color!) as our main then just a set of 6 plain white from Crate and Barrel – both sets have nice accompaniments and we are really loving having two sets for different things!

  3. It's so interesting that people don't register for China anymore. I'm like you, I have a set from my maternal grandmother, but if we didn't would be getting NICE china not everyday china. I had a lot of fun registering, it was fun imagining what we wanted/needed. We stayed simple with a white Mikasa set. I like the plain simple white because you can ALWAYS add/jazz it up with ANYTHING down the road. I actually really like the first set because it's so simple. but, that's just me.

  4. How much fun!! I loved registering for my wedding!! WE got some great things ;)
    Chelsea @

  5. I love that Pottery Barn set! I'm planning on registering for the same.

    Allie |


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