Thursday, April 9, 2015

Countdown to the Wedding: April Goals

Hello All! My app from the Knot just alerted me that my wedding is in 128 days y'all - 128 days! 

It also keeps reminding me that I need to establish a beauty plan for my wedding. How about a beauty plan for my life? I am still trying to master blowdrying my hair on a daily basis. I've got bigger fish to fry.

Anyways, I wanted to share updates on the wedding plans and goals for this month.

March Goals 

  • Booked our pastor to officiate the ceremony
  • Booked a harpist for the ceremony and cocktail hour
  • Ordered bridesmaid dresses : this was an ordeal, but its done
  • Booked our wedding photographer
  • Remained consistent with workouts: ehhh. I've been working out, but mileage has been low. 

Source: Southern Weddings Magazine

April Goals

  •  Finalize the DJ for the reception
  •  Order invitations
  •  Book the calligrapher 
  •  Start planning outfits for our engagement shoot --> Cannot WAIT to tell y'all more about this!
  •  Survive finals at the end of the month. 
  •  Maintain workouts with said finals. Not trying to up mileage in light of exam time, just trying to maintain 5 workouts a week and about 25 miles/week. 
  •  Start cutting sugar. My skin looks better with less sugar, so I am limiting sweets to the weekends. This is hard for me, y'all. I love sweets. 
  •  Finalize bachelorette party plans! 

Source: Southern Wedding Magazine

What are your April Goals?


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  1. 128 days are going to fly!! You’re getting so close! You did fabulous with the March goals – my wedding workouts never went as I wanted, there’s so many things to do as a bride and so little time haha something has to slide! Looks like you’ve got some great things in store for April!!


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