Thursday, April 30, 2015


I am back! I turned in my last final yesterday at 1:20pm (Only 5 hours after I entered the room... ugh) and am on break for a few weeks. After months of studying non-stop, it feels so amazing. Year 2 of law school is in the books and I am 1 year away from graduation.


I joined Class Pass! After debating in for a while, I decided to try it when Class Pass released a great special (buy three months, get $100 back). I am loving it! Here is what I have tried so far:

Tuesday: Forme Barre Fusion at Forme Studios. This class was basically a barre class without the barre! My abs are so sore from all the core focus, and I found the class really challenging. I never realized how dependent I am on the barre for stability. The instructor was excellent, so I plan to go back next week and bring a friend.

Wednesday: Yoga at Wide Angle Yoga. I took this class yesterday afternoon so decompress from finals. I hadn't taken a yoga class in about a year (I know. Don't judge), so I was really nervous about my flexibility. The instructor was really hands on and helped me get into each pose and stretch was further than I thought possible.
I really loved that this class was so small - a lot of yoga classes are huge and I don't feel like I get proper assistance. It makes me worried that I will injure myself! So this was perfect for me.

Thursday: Today I am trying Extreme Core Fusion at Exhale Spa and Fitness. No idea what to expect on that one, so I will keep you posted.

The end of finals. AR brought home prosecco and tulips for me last night to celebrate the end of finals. He is the sweetest :)

Last night I make these chocolate chunk cookies from Smitten Kitchen for AR to take to his office today. Obviously, AR and I had to sample them and they are excellent. I used two large chocolate bars and I left them in huge pieces. I love the big pools of chocolate as compared to the usual chocolate chips. It absolutely upgraded my cookies. I did omit the flaked salt because I didn't have any. Oops.

Tonight, AR and I are going on a picnic! He finishes a huge project at work this morning and I finished my second year, so we wanted to celebrate. After talking about a few restaurants, we decided to embrace the gorgeous weather and head to the park. I'm heading to Alon's this afternoon to pick up some goodies. (check my instagram if you want to see what I find! username: hrw1126).

How is your week ending up? Any fun weekend plans?



  1. Congrats on finishing year 2, enjoy your break!!

  2. Congrats on finishing your second year! A picnic sounds like a lovely celebration :)


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