Friday, May 1, 2015

5 on Friday {5/1}

1. date night
Last night AR and I enjoyed a date night in the park. We went to our favorite place, Alon's Bakery, and grabbed some dinner treats, then ran home for a blanket and wine glasses. We walked to the park and had the best time chatting and watching the sunset. On the menu? sandwiches made with roasted vegetables, pesto, and fresh mozzarella; olive tapenade and crackers; homemade chocolate chip cookies; and white wine. 
(also, we instituted a new date night rule: no cell phones allowed. We left both of ours at home and it was such a good choice!)

2. shopping finds
I went shopping for a few hours yesterday and scored the cutest Lilly dress and and a new top for work this summer. My project today is to clean out my closet and unpack all my summer clothing. A friend is having a clothing swap on Sunday evening, so I want to pull as many pieces as possible. 

this is similar to the dress I found!
Speaking of clothing swaps... I recently read several articles about the capsule wardrobe. Any thoughts on this? I am super inspired by these women with only a few amazing pieces, but I just don't invasion myself ever cutting my closet to 25 items. I just don't think I could do it...

3. engagement photos
I need some clothing inspiration for AR and I's engagement photos. We are having them taken in Savannah in 3 weeks and I have no idea what to wear. I wanted to do maybe a white dress for one? and then a maxi for another? I don't know.

4. new workout gear
With all the new workout classes I have been trying, I have had to up my workout wear game. KushyFoot kindly sent me some goodies this week and I love them! I was especially thrilled to receive a pair of sticky socks to wear to barre and yoga. I tried them out at yoga this week and loved them. Next week I am trying them at barre class :) 

5. friday night plans
I'm staying in tonight with new wedding magazines, nail polish, a bubble bath, and wedding invitation samples. And I can't wait :)

Happy Friday!

Thanks for hosting, ladies!

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