Thursday, May 7, 2015

Countdown to the Wedding: May Goals

Yesterday, we hit the 100 day mark!!! I cannot believe it!

Checking in on all of my wedding planning for the month and sharing goals for May. Let's see how I did.

(You can read about my March and April goals here)

So I am going to be honest... I didn't do so hot. With finals looming, I didn't cross off everything on my list. Here is what I planned to do:

April Goals
  •  Finalize the DJ for the reception
  •  Order invitations - still working on this. I've narrowed to 3 options and just need to pick one.
  •  Book the calligrapher - nope
  •  Start planning outfits for our engagement shoot --> Cannot WAIT to tell y'all more about this!
  •  Survive finals at the end of the month. 
  •  Maintain workouts with said finals. Not trying to up mileage in light of exam time, just trying to maintain 5 workouts a week and about 25 miles/week. My running mileage was a little lower, but I maintained 5-6 workouts a week. I joined ClassPass and have loved the challenge of new classes. 
  •  Start cutting sugar. My skin looks better with less sugar, so I am limiting sweets to the weekends. This is hard for me, y'all. I love sweets. Doing okay on this. Still room for improvement :) 
  •  Finalize bachelorette party plans! Heading to Miami in July with all my ladies. Still need to buy tickets. 

I plan to catch up over May. I have two solid weeks off before I start working for the summer, and I plan to stay busy on wedding fun those weeks. I want to start thinking about some of the small details for the weekend reception and ceremony.

May Goals
  • Book the rehearsal dinner location - done! We are heading to a favorite local spot :)
  • Schedule venue walkthrough with the planner and florist.
  • Take engagement photos in Savannah - ahh!
  • Buy tickets for Miami bachelorette.
  • Attend first marriage preparation session with our pastor. 
  • Plan farewell brunch for the Saturday after the wedding. 
  • Continue 5-6 workouts a week with 3 strength training and 3 cardio sessions a week.
  • Amp up skincare routine, including deep cleanses and exfoliating. 
  • Book mini-moon hotel.
  • Finish our wedding registry. 


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