Friday, May 8, 2015

5 on Friday {5/8}

1. This Weekend
AR and I are heading to NOLA this weekend for our friends' wedding. I am so excited: I love NOLA and I love weddings :) I've been in training all week, so this feels like the real end of the school year and I can't wait to celebrate. 

2. Workout Classes. 
I took a spin class at FlyWheel, a barre fusion class at Forme Studios, and a barre class at Pure barre this week. I love the new classes as a way to supplement my running. As summer approaches, I enjoy outside running less, so I think ClassPass is going to be a great addition to my workouts. My goal is 3 classes a week, which I've maintained the last two weeks. So much fun to try new workouts!

3. Wedding Details.
I shared some of my May wedding goals yesterday, along with the things I accomplished in April. I am starting two weeks off this weekend and I plan to knock out a bunch more details over these weeks. Every time I open up Southern Weddings, I find a million more details to add to my list. #neverending

4. Gel Manicures
So I love a good gel mani... but I read this article this week and it made me rethink it. In fact, I decided to skip my mani for the wedding this weekend and go with regular polish. It is true that my nails are awful after they take the polish off. And sitting under those UV lights is not a good plan. What are your thoughts? Do you get them regularly?

5. New Bag
My Kate Spade tote is on its last limb. I want a new tote and am deciding between the Madewell tote and the JCrew tote. Any thoughts?

Madewell Tote:
JCrew Tote

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hope you had a fun weekend in NOLA!!!


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