Thursday, May 14, 2015

Workouts: Barre Love

I've been obsessed with ClassPass every since I joined. I've taken 9 classes in 2 and a half weeks, which is amazing.

I've taken a variety of classes, but a lot of barre. Are you a fan?

Barre classes use a ballet barre and focus on core strengthening moves. I like that the moves are small and controlled, rather than super complicated. The moves include yoga, pilates, and dance. Often, weights are incorporated for a full body workout. 

Here are the classes I've tried:

Pure Barre (inman park location): Pure barre is done on a carpet, which was different to me. I am used to a wooden floor. I felt the choreography was a little confusing, but my instructor, Roxanne, was great about correcting people. I did not feel as sore from this workout, but it could be because I didn't understand the choreography.

Pink Barre (buckhead location): This class BURNED my outer thighs and butt. It was amazing. This was a small class and everyone was so friendly. I really appreciated how welcoming the class was and how small. The instructor cam ever to help me a few times and was so encouraging. This was done on a wood floor and required sticky socks.

Forme Barre Fusion (virginia highlands): This class is barre without the barre. Seriously, there is no barre. As a result, my core got an incredible workout because I had to do so much balancing. Some times this was tricky for me, but I loved how sore my sides were the next day - a sure sign that my muscles were working. I've done this class twice now and will absolutely be back.

Core Fusion Barre (exhale): Oh my gosh. This was the most challenging barre class I took. The class was backed (over 30 people) and we worked for 60 minutes. Each part of the workout was killer for me, but I loved it. I have already signed up to go again next week.

Barre 3 (south buckhead): I did not take this on class pass. This was my first barre experience several months ago and I have been maybe 5 times. I liked the workout, but sometimes the studio was a little crammed.

If you are considering your first barre class:

  • Tell the instructor that you are new, so that she can assist you in getting into the poses. 
  • Wear leggings and a loose shirt. You want to be able to move freely, but you also don't want to flash the class when you put your legs in the air. Leggings are a safe bet
  • Consider sticky socks - many studios require them! I've been wearing my sticky socks that Kushy Foot sent me and I love them. Several women have asked where I received them. They are very inexpensive and have held up well through my many classes. I absolutely recommend them!
  • Prepare to be sore! The moves may seem small, but the impact is significant. 
  • Have fun! Unlike a zumba class, or other dance class, the moves are not choreographed to go with music. So find your rhythm and don't worry if it takes you a while to catch on. No one can tell :)

Do you do barre? What is your studio of choice? 


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