Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Countdown to the Wedding: June Goals

First of all, I want to confess that I did a terrible job on my wedding goals in May. Really terrible. But that is okay, June is here and I am going to be on top of it!

Lets review May:

May Goals
  • Book the rehearsal dinner location - done! We are heading to a favorite local spot :)
  • Schedule venue walkthrough with the planner and florist.
  • Take engagement photos in Savannah - ahh! Read about that here. 
  • Buy tickets for Miami bachelorette. Heading out on Friday night and I can't wait!!!
  • Attend first marriage preparation session with our pastor. - scheduled! but not done. 
  • Plan farewell brunch for the Saturday after the wedding. 
  • Continue 5-6 workouts a week with 3 strength training and 3 cardio sessions a week. Class Pass has been amazing for this and I can really feel the results!
  • Amp up skincare routine, including deep cleanses and exfoliating
  • Book mini-moon hotel. - we picked the hotels (we are doing two), but haven't confirmed yet. Oops. 
  • Finish our wedding registry.

So I didn't get everything done.... But I did complete some things that were not on the list, like getting my wedding dress in (AHHHHHHH), and getting our invitations ordered and delivered. 

For June, I need to check off the last few bigger details so I cam focus on finalizing decor and little details in July. June is a really hectic month for AR and I - we are traveling 3 weekends during the month. I want to make sure July is a time to relax and enjoy each other. 

June Goals:
  • Schedule venue walkthrough with the planner and the florist
  • Attend marriage preparation session with our pastor
  • Plan farewell brunch for Saturday after the wedding
  • Take invitations to calligrapher for envelope addresses 
  • Mail invitations
  • Order the cake(s)
  • Choose AR's tux 
  • Schedule dress fittings with alterations
  • Finalize reservations for our mini-moon 
  • Finalize hair & make-up and schedule trial run 
  • Have an amazing time in Miami with my girls! 
  • Pick out my wedding shoes to take with me to alterations 
  • Send out checks for 60-days before wedding payments 
  • Check with hotel on reservations and remind guests to book their rooms!
  • Pick out wedding bands for AR and I! 
  • Plan signage with the calligrapher and planner 
  • Continue working out 6-days a week and eat healthy. Limit sweets to weekends only. 
Whew, that is quite a list! I am a little overwhelmed by how many things I have left to do, honestly. Wedding planning has so many little details, I swear. 


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  1. Well dear you both are looking amazing. I think everyone should book venues in advance for the wedding. You know I searched lots of party places Miami and then finalized one from them. I hired a planner for the day who really did amazing work.


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