Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Confessional {7/4}

Happy Fourth of July {almost}!

Today I am linking up with Ms. Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition - her blog has been one of my absolute favs for over a year now.

I confess that I am running a 10k tomorrow and have not trained at all. Like at all. I went from running 50+ miles a week to running like 5 miles a week. I got really into barre classes and spin class after joining class pass. So this is gonna be fun. Oh, and it is supposed to storm the entire time. Pouring rain.

I confess that my future Mister had a bday this week. And I think 33 looks pretty good on him.

I confess that I bought my first pair of Jack Rogers this week. I feel so southern :) I snagged this pair at Nordstrom Rack and I love them!

I confess that getting phone calls about our wedding invitations this week was the BEST! I love hearing that our friends and family are coming to celebrate with us next month.

Have a great fourth!



  1. I got my first pair of Jacks a few weeks ago. I am obsessed! I went to NR yesterday but no such luck with ones I wanted. :)

  2. I love Leslie's blog to, I am so glad to see her back to blogging with us.
    Have a great week


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