Friday, August 7, 2015

Fri-yay {8/7}

Friday. Yay.

- Today's my Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!

- AR and I's wedding is in 7 days. SEVEN! Yesterday we did our final counseling session with the pastor and I got a little teary listening to AR talk about our future. He is the best.

- I've been going non-stop all week, so yesterday afternoon I decided to take a t.v. break. I set down to watch DCC: Making the Team (this show is everything)....and the power went out. So I promptly went to bed and napped for an hour before yoga.

- At yoga last night, I did my first head stand!!! Ahhh!!! My yoga instructor is amazing and I've had so many "firsts" in her class. She is really good about correcting form. I love how relaxed her classes are :) Check her out at Wide Angle Yoga.

- Hives: Did I blog about breaking out in hives? I've been covered in hives on and off for like three weeks. My dermatologist thinks it is stress. But just in case, I am avoiding chocolate, dairy, citrus, tomatoes, and TEA. It is so terrible. I thought the chocolate part would be the worst, but really it is the tea. All I want is a cup of tea :(

- We picked up our marriage license on Monday. Eeeek!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. DCC is back?! How did I miss this?! Thank you ;) And yay for one week + happy birthday to your mom!


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