Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WIAW: Eating Out {7/15}

Hey all! It is What I Ate Wednesday. Rather than share all my meal's for the day, I am sharing a snapshot of several meals from last week. 

I started a new job this summer, and all we do is eat out it seems. We take coffee trips to the bakery. We go out to lunch. We go out for happy hour. We go to dinner. It is a lot of restaurant food, which can mean large portions, high calories, and lots of fat.

But it doesn't have to mean that! Here are some of my tips for eating out healthy - from meals this week!

1. Think fiber and veggies, not calories. 
This week, we went to Bartaco for lunch. While it was easy to be overwhelmed by the fried fish tacos, chips, queso, and guacamole, I took a step back. I focused on getting veggie servings and chose a portobello mushroom bowl (which I cannot wait to recreate at home!)

This had brown rice, roasted peppers, and portobello mushrooms. It was SO yummy and so filling. I had half a fish taco and some guacamole too.

2. Walk away from the bakery case.
I LOVE cookies/pastries/etc. But the pastry habit can become addictive before you know it. I love an afternoon trip to the coffee shop, but I select a plain almond milk latte/ cafe au lait instead of a sugary drink. And I say no to the bakery case :)

3. Don't feel glued to salads. 
Salads are great, but ordering a salad for every meal is sad after a while. And some restaurant salads are not healthy (limp lettuce with cheese, croutons, fried chicken, and dressing? Not the best). This week at lunch, I ordered a side of steam broccoli, a side of braised collards, and a small soup. I got more nutrition from my veggie sides than I would have from the salad. Don't feel glued to the salad.

4. Seek balance with your other meals. 
I knew I had a lunch and dinner out on Monday, so I grabbed a protein shake in the morning. Vega or Nutrition 53 are both great options. I add in extra veggies and fruit, for a filling and nutrition-rich breakfast.

Balance your meal choices for the day. If you are going Italian for lunch, think low-carb for breakfast. If you are having pizza for dinner (like we did!), stock up on lunch veggies.

Do you pack lunch at work, or go out?
What kinds of things do you always look for on menus?


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  1. These are great tips for eating out! I definitely find myself going the salad route too often when I'm trying to eat on the healthier side while out, so it's good to remember to look for other side veggies instead!


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