Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekending {8/3}

It is Monday. And I am not at work. I am off for two whole weeks before the wedding. *hallelujah*

So excited to finally link up with Biana and Meghan to share my weekend! Its been a bit since I regularly participated, so I am happy to be back.

Friday was my last full day of work. I was crazy/busy the last two weeks. I spent one week working from Chicago, and another weekend sitting in my office. But I got everything off my desk and done!

The bluebook = lawyer's rulebook
I left work early after saying good-byes and headed to the nail salon for some mani-pedi time. AR was working late, so I knew I have a couple hours. FYI, there is no line at the salon at 5pm on a Friday.

Saturday we woke up for an 8 mile run. I've had some rough runs lately... with wedding planning stress, Atlanta heat and humidity, and less cardio during the week (I've become a strength training queen), my runs have been tough. But the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed 8 sweaty miles together.

I showered quickly and went to what I thought was my last fitting. My sweet bridesmaid and bestie went with me to learn to bustle the gown and hold my hand. Seriously, so lucky to have this lady with me through this process. Sadly, this was not my last dress fitting. I had lost a bit of weight, so I needed the waist taken in some more and I wanted to make a change to the top. Thankfully, my alterations lady is incredible and so accommodating. If you are planning a wedding near Atlanta, let me give you her information!

That afternoon, we did AR's final tux fitting (he looks sooooo good. But I might be bias ;)). Then we headed off to Cirque du Soleil! We had tickets to their new production, Varekai. To be honest, I am not so sure AR loved it. The talent was incredible but he felt he needed more of a story line. We followed the show with dinner at Gypsy Kitchen and coffees at Corso in the streets of Buckhead.

Sunday was church, brunch, and lots of errands. AR's groomsmen gifts are complete and mine are just waiting on a few things to arrive in the mail!

Are you a post-dinner dessert or coffee person?
Have you been to Cirque du Soleil? Thoughts? 



  1. So exciting that it’s time for the final dress fitting(s)!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! That's so nice that you can take some time off before the wedding to prepare and hopefully relax a little!

  3. I may need to make a trip to the salon this Friday! an empty place sounds like the perfect way to relax haha!

  4. AHH so exciting getting so close :)


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