Wednesday, July 29, 2015

For Leslie

On Monday, Leslie Sisti of A Blonde Ambition blog passed away. I know many of my readers, like me, follow Leslie's blog. I was absolutely stunned when I heard the news and completely heartbroken.

A Blonde Ambition was the first blog I started reading years ago. Leslie has been my go-to gal for southern style, humor, and an optimistic look on life. We've chatted through emails, instagram, and twitter.

Leslie had recently been undergoing treatment for a heart defect, and passed away early this week. She leaves behind an adoring husband, Stephan, and two baby girls: Caroline and Ainsley. Both under two. My heart just breaks for that family and those baby girls, who will grow up without sweet Leslie in their life.

Through my limited interactions with her, I know she was an incredible person, full of grace and kindness. She loved being a mom more than anything, and watching her struggle to be away from those girls over the last few months has been tragic.  A Go Fund Me account has been set up for the girls HERE, if you would like to donate to their college funds and future weddings.

When I heard the news, I reflected on the impact Leslie's blog has had on me. While I treat my blog as a hobby, I guess we never know how others might feel. I felt like I knew Leslie, even though we never spoke in person. This blogging world has the amazing ability to make connections like that, for for that I am grateful.

As Leslie would say, Be Blessed Lovelies. Hug somebody extra tight tonight. And send a prayer out for the Sisti family.



  1. Just awesome. I hated hearing this. I said a prayer for her last night and started crying because her daughters wont know her. Praying that their family keeps Leslie's memory alive.

  2. So heartbreaking. I couldn't help but cry when I heard. She was such a beautiful, positive person, and my heart just breaks for her husband and daughters.


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