Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Review

What a fabulous weekend! Last week was full of family and fun, with a weekend filled with apartment hunting and exploring. I wanted to share some fun moments from the last few days, as well as some awesome recipes I tried!

1. Visiting with my sweet mother. I was SO happy to see my mom, I just hate living this far from her. We had fun catching up and taking lots of walks together. I almost cried when she left yesterday.

2. Playing with these adorable babies. My cousins have some cute kids, wouldn't you agree? Look at all of these smiling faces!

3. Trying these yummy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls from Kelly and Eat Urself Skinny. You should try them too! I didn't use gluten-free oats, but they were still yummy and perfect for a healthy snack.

4. I had the most amazing Indian meal in Atlanta this weekend - I have missed good Indian food. I enjoyed Saag Paneer, Aloo Ghobi, and chai tea. I enjoyed it immensely.

5. Apartment hunting. Aaron and I toured 8 places on Saturday and it was a lot! We found some incredible places, so now we just need to make a decision. The most important things on my search list? Modern kitchen, large closets, and windows :)

How was your weekend?
What do you look for in an apartment or house?


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