Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eating Healthy on Vacation

As I prepared for my trip last week, I spent a lot of time thinking about making healthy choices when traveling. I was happy to be staying at a house where we cooked almost all of our meals, but I was also surrounded by lots of tempting treats.
Enjoying a soy flat white in London :)
Here are a few tips I follow when traveling to help me stay on track with my food choices:

1. Count fruit and veggie servings, not calories. Focusing on eating fruits and vegetables will help you make healthy selections at meals and restaurants, and give you some essential vitamins.

2. Pack healthy snacks and treats. You may go over your recommended calorie intake, but you are less likely too if you are getting enough fiber and vitamins. I bring protein bars, Greek yogurt, fruit and veggies, and whole grain pretzels.

3. Pick your splurges. I generally avoid the word "splurge", but healthy eating is all about balance. If you are going to have ice cream in the afternoon, skip the sugary pancakes. Plan a healthy lunch if you know your dinner will be a splurge. Don't deny yourself, just plan meals out.

4. Drink water. It is easy to get out of this habit when you travel, so make it a priority.

5. Know how to work a menu. Order sauces on the side. Ask about alternative side options, like steamed vegetables, sliced fruit, or a wheat roll. Swap whole grain for white, ask for extra veggies, always include protein.

6. Remember you are on vacation. Don't make food your biggest stress. Find times to exercise and make some healthy choices, but don't make it your main focus. Enjoy your friends and family :)

Happy travels!


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