Monday, July 15, 2013

Marvelous Monday!

Hi all! It's Monday and I want to follow in the steps on Ali at Miles with Style and share a few reasons why I am excited with this week.

1. I just had an amazing 4 days at the beach with friends. This is the second summer that my boyfriend and I have gone to this beautiful beach house with a few other couples.

We had perfect weather and spent HOURS at the beach in the water and sand. I went through 2 bottles of sunscreen (not kidding), but came home sunburn-free!

2. I will be in ATLANTA on Friday! I cannot believe we move this week, but I am beyond excited.

3. New fuel for my runs this week - trying a few new items for my runs this week. I'm planning a post on fuel options soon, so I am deep in the research stage. And yes, I always get the orange flavor.

4. Finally unpacking and starting the decorating process in my new apartment. My stuff has been in storage for a month now, so I am thrilled to unpack, organize, and start to decorate. I have a few weeks before law school starts and I plan to make my new apartment perfect. I've spent some serious time on Pinterest lately ;)

5. New neon clothing purchases. J. Crew had an amazing sale last week and I stocked up on a few summer neon pieces, including these shorts.

Have an awesome week and a marvelous Monday!



  1. Your pic of the beach is lovely! *so jealous* ;)

  2. Thanks Elena, isn't it so gorgeous? I'm happy my friends share it with me :)


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