Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I started hating my long run.

I have been dreading my long runs. When I say dreading, I mean staying in bed for an hour before leaving in the morning because I just did not want to run. The air is so much heavier in Atlanta due to humidity, the hills are ridiculous compared to flat Texas, and it just does not seem as fun.

I have not cut my mileage short. No matter the weather or my personal disposition, I’ve pushed through each run, but it just hasn’t been the same. AL and I discussed it this weekend and we both do not recall this “long-run dread” last marathon training. I think it has a lot to do with the changes I mentioned above, but also the stress of moving, traveling, and starting new jobs/school. I am just mentally and physically exhausted.

In reality, I should be exhausted. I ran 44 miles the first 8 days of law school. This week, I’ll run 55 miles in 7 days, all while trying to finish unpacking and completing school activities. My body should be worn out and I should appreciate this, not complain about feeling tired.

My only goal in running yesterday was getting the miles in. I didn’t worry about pace, only surviving the miles. I started late in the day and was lucky to have nice weather. On the first hill, I was surprised at the strength in my legs and 15 miles later, I was still pushing up the hills. I’ll be honest, by mile 17, I was going pretty slow, but I DID IT!

It felt so good to have a decent long run. I came home feeling successful and relieved. The work I have been putting in IS paying off and my legs are getting stronger.

I spent the rest of the day in compression pants J Aaron made me cheesy grits and scrambled eggs for breakfast and I studied at Starbucks in the afternoon (I even walked there!)! My legs felt strong Monday morning and I am looking forward to my run on Tuesday. I’m confident that I will feel worried on Saturday morning when I start my run, but that is okay. I am getting stronger, even if the process is slow. 

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