Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday! It is a new week, I work up at the crack of dawn and took A to the airport, spent the day in class, and studied all evening. Oh the life of a new law student :)

This weekend was wonderful. Friday evening I made a last minute run to the running store for a new Nathan water bottle pack. I have been using the handheld water bottle, but last weekend I fell twice on my long run (first time, EVER). My doctor suggested I stop carrying the water bottle because it could be making be a little off balance. Check out all the goodies I came out with:

Saturday morning was a beautiful TWENTY MILES! That is right, 2-0 and I am in the home stretch! I have a few more 13-15 milers, one more 20 miler, and then it is marathon time. If you remember, I have had some rough runs in the last few weeks as I attempted to adjust to the hills and humidity of Atlanta. Hopefully I am on a upswing now.

Post run, we went to brunch. After the run I put on my Under Armour compression pants and didn't want to take them off... so I put on a maxi dress and wore them to brunch! A said I was ridiculous, but I was also more comfortable than he was. So there :)

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies - excellent post-brunch sweetness!

We tried an amazing restaurant for dinner called Goin' Coastal. Atlanta friends, this place is a MUST for great seafood and wonderful service. I had miso salmon and a glass of Riesling. A and I also split some flash-fried avocado. Afterwards, we headed to the frozen yogurt shop for some dessert. Eating for 20 miles is rough!

Hope you had an awesome weekend too!

Do you wear anything specific (socks, shoes, pants) post-long run?
What if your favorite frozen yogurt topping? I need to branch out from the oreo crumbs!


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