Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday - Thankful Thoughts

Hey loves, its Friday and first-year law student has her LAST day of class today! Hallelujah! I'm continuing the thankful theme with Natasha at Hello! Happiness today - I have so enjoyed reading other's posts each week. What a sweet reminder to appreciate everything around us.

one. New friends.
Yesterday at school, one of the ladies brought me a piece of carrot cake for my birthday! I had mentioned that I wouldn't be celebrating much because of finals, but she remembered. I am so lucky to have met some amazing friends at school this semester. I feel like I "click" a bit more here (does that even make sense?) then I did in San Antonio, which has been a welcomed feeling :)

two. The Pioneer Woman.
This is going to sound silly, but I tend to get a little weird with my food. If left alone too long, I can become paranoid about butter, sugar, preservatives, EVERYTHING. I'm much better than I use to be, for which I thank people like the Pioneer Woman. She makes amazing food, gives hysterical narratives, and always throws in extra chocolate and butter. This week, I am making her Cinnamon Bread to take to AR's family for Thanksgiving. It is amazing.
--> For other recipes I've tried from blogs lately, click here.

Source: The Pioneer Woman. (Mine didn't look exactly like this...)

 three. Small Holiday Treats
It is amazing how some little holiday treat can make things seem brighter. Candles, stickers, lights. They don't cost much, but they make my apartment seem to much more cheery and inviting. I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk right now, reading and studying. Burning a holiday candle is just the pick-me-up I need. It doesn't need to be anything extravagant, just a simple reminder of the season. Note, the Christmas tree is NOT up yet, because Scrooge AR says we cannot put it up until after Thanksgiving. I've got a countdown going on the calendar.

This is what I want my home too look like right now.
four. A Walkable City
Now that I live in Atlanta, I am reminded how much I missed walking everywhere. I LOVE being able to step out my door and walk to the store, the coffee shop, the gym, anywhere. It is such a freeing feeling. AR and I have really enjoyed talking walks to the farmers market and out to dinner in the evenings. It is such a great way to unwind and enjoy my surroundings.

five. Ear Plugs
It is football season and finals start in 10 days. Enough said.

Have a wonderful weekend!
P.S.  If you did a post on what you're thankful for, please comment so I can read it!


  1. love your thankful heart!!! what a job new friends are. and i enjoy the simplicity of being in a walkable place too!!! thanks for reminding me to be thankful for that :) xx

  2. Love your thankful thoughts. That bread looks awesome and I love small Christmas treats too!

    Stopping by from the linkup, have a great weekend.


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