Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Recap & Plans for the Week

I've become so boring. I have one more week of class, a week of holiday break, and then finals start on December 2nd. You can imagine what I do all the time My eyes and head hurt, but I am going to make it. I submitted my final research memo this weekend, so I feel a huge weight off my shoulders. One class down, four to go!
I was a networking machine this weekend: One on Thursday, two on Friday, plus a happy hour. I met some amazing women - including Georgia Supreme Court Justice Carol Hunstein (she was SO sweet and informative). I am constantly in awe of how hard these women fought for their place in the legal profession. They were so encouraging and helpful when I asked questions :)
I got home on Friday at about 7pm, and really wanted to put on sweatpants and watch a movie... I was "this" close to doing it, when AR called and asked if I would come meet him at his office happy hour. I quickly changed clothes and headed out (in the cold and rain) for an hour. Afterwards, we went to dinner at an amazing Indian restaurant and split several veggie dishes. Talk about making the networking circuit - 4 events in 24 hours.
(Side note, I wore these amazing pants from J. Crew and I am in love with them. I might wear them every day now. And they are currently 40% off. Just saying.)
Factory dotted Gigi pant with pockets
Saturday was full of errands, the farmer's market, a hair cut, and shopping for bedding. AR and I are still trying to make up our mind. More on this later. AR cooked dinner, I studied --> This is now the pattern of our life. I found such a keeper.

Atlanta friends, this stand has the BEST chicken sausage.
Sunday started early with a run and workout, LOTS of studying at Panera (with a peppermint latte and Christmas music!), and a trip to Whole Foods. The security guard there knows my name - is this a bad sign? I made veggie burgers for dinner while AR prepped dinner for the other nights this week. Here are my plans for the week:
M - AR's red beans and rice (with brown rice and turkey sausage) + Brussels sprouts
T - Turkey tacos
W - Black Bean burgers + sweet potato wedges
Th - Roasted squash soup + grilled cheese sandwiches.
F - Out
S - Whatever looks good at the farmer's market!
Lunches (salads with roasted veggies + turkey, baked sweet potato, squash soup)
M - Spin class
T - 3 miles + abs + arms
W - Yoga class + 3 miles
Th - 4 miles + abs
F - rest
S - yoga class + strength
What are your workout goals for the week??
Do you prep/plan out any of your meals for the week?

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