Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ATL EATS: West Egg

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It is no secret that I love brunch.

I live for breakfast foods. Omelets, biscuits, scrambles, quiches, oatmeal, pancakes... I could go on and on.

Obviously, this means I learn the brunch places before I learn the dinner places of a city. My ATL brunch list is long, and I am slowly reviewing them all.

This weekend, I visited West Egg for about the 5th time. I tried much of their menu and it has earned top spots on the brunch list.

Quick & Easy: It is trendy, urban and vegetarian-friendly. There is always a long line, but they let you order coffee while you wait. The music is a little load and the vibe is more upbeat than your average laid-back breakfast spot.

Let's all drink more coffee from real cups... yes?

Coffee: Yum. Amazing. They brew XXX coffee, which is sold at the Peachtree Street Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. My drink of choice is a soy cafe au lait, but their lattes and chais are yummy. I keep meaning to try the honey vanilla latte on their menu!

Food: Breakfast has a wide variety of options and is served all day. Brunch is full of options as well. The Georgia Benedict is a favorite, with turkey sausage and gravy over fluffy biscuits with eggs. The garlic grits are a little strong for me, but AR loves them.

I tend to go for the build-your-own omelet and fill mine with veggies and get veggie sausage on the side. I always add a biscuit though!

I've also tried the black bean cakes and the roasted potatoes. The black bean cakes packed more flavor than I expected, which was more than I wanted at brunch. I might order this for a lunch instead. The potatoes are amazing and decadent, served with sauteed onions, but too heavy for my normal breakfast.

Atmosphere: Filled with a more trendy crowd, the music is usually Michael Jackson and the clientele diverse. While the line is sometimes around 45 minutes, I don't mind waiting in the chairs and drinking the yummy coffee. With lots of sunlight coming in all the windows, West Egg is a wonderful way to start the weekend :)

What do you love to order at brunch??

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