Thursday, February 6, 2014

NY Resolutions: January Check-In

It is February. And technically still the first week of February, so I am checking in on my new year's resolutions 

If you read this post, you know I think life changes can happen at any time, but the new year is an opportunity to reflect, move forward, and set new goals. This year, I plan to:

Here is how I did in January

1. Call 2 friends a month: Done! I called my friends Jacki and Kathryn several times to chat about life. I felt like a better friend and it was awesome to see how much we chatted. Kathryn and I have been better about texting and keeping in touch, which I want to keep up. 

2. Try something distinct to Atlanta: AR and I almost didn't make it on this one, but on the last day of the month, we did it! We went to the SkyView in downtown Atlanta. This is a huge ferris wheel that gives a view of the whole city. It was fun to see the city lit up at night and we enjoyed finding landmarks that we recognize. 

3. New recipes. Yes! Here are some of the recipes I tried
Photo and recipe from SkinnyTaste
photo and recipe from SkinnyTaste

How are your goals coming? Making any changes?


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