Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Weekend Cooking Class

Valentine's Day weekend has passed... *tear*. I have no more excuse to wear red and pink together and draw hearts on the calendar.

On Friday night, AR worked and I studies until around 7pm, then we headed to Whole Foods to pick out things to cook dinner with. I know, we are so romantic ;) But after the whole snow storm and AR being stranded in DC, a night in was perfect for us.

The menu: Sriracha glazed salmon, Roasted asparagus with lemon, and Baked potatoes. Served with a wonderful white wine, paired by the helpful staff at Whole Foods.

On Saturday morning, our actual celebration started. We went to a brunch making class, taught by Cynthia Graubart, author of Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking. The class was taught at The Cook's Warehouse in midtown.

We learned to make Shrimp & Grits Custards with Green Sauce, Bacon & Onion Pie (mine was without the bacon), Sausage & Apple Casserole, Sweet Potato Ginger Tea Loaf, Cream Biscuits, and a Champagne Cocktail.

AR got his inner chef on to decorate the plates for us.

The class was 3 hours long and so much fun! They served coffee and appetizers at the beginning, then we all sipped cocktails and enjoyed tastes of the foods. The instructor was so good about explaining things and taking through why things may not have turned out correctly.

My grits. After the photo, I pulled all the shrimp off and gave then to AR. lol.

My favorite dish was the grits custards with green sauce. We eat a lot of grits, and i love the idea of doing something a little different with them. The green sauce also brightened up the flavor of the dish, which was filled with goat cheese and fresh herbs.

AR loved the bacon and onion pie. We tried two varieties and liked the kind with a milder onion over the one with a red onion. I am just not much for a strong onion flavor. I plan to remake this at home with a vidalia onion and turkey bacon.

This was such a fun way for us to celebrate and learn something new. Thanks to my older brother, who discovered this place all the way in London and sent me a giftcard for my birthday. We are already picking another class to take.

Sunday afternoon was full of studying, HGTV (Yay for House Hunters!), and a 7 mile run. I had to burn off some of those cocktails ;)


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