Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Weekend! I'm linking up with Natasha for 5 on Friday, which I love.

1. New Make-up from Target - Eyebrows!
I made a Target run earlier this week and grabbed a few products because I haven't had time to get to Sephora recently.

I used the Benefit brow filler compact for over 2 years, but I got this NYX one for only $5. I chose the blonde shade and I am in love. It is lasting throughout the day much better than my Benefit one, and it is a fraction of the price. Such an awesome fine.

2. New Make-up for Target - Powder
I also tried the NYX HD powder. I really love the Makeup Forever HD powder, but I read some reviews that said they were the same. Both contain the same ingredient and so far, they seem the same! Time will tell, lets see if I break out at all.

3. Peanut Butter
Ive had a major PB craving this week... I don't know why. Last night I was taking the recycling out and decided it was my duty to eat the eat bite from my PB jar so I could put it in the recycling. I am so noble.

I pulled out another jar and made a batch of these gluten-free pb cookies to satisfy my pb craving.

4. Meals this week
I did a really sad job on the meals this week. I think I ate steamed vegetables and a baked sweet potato like 3 times. And the same pot of veggie soup the other days. If you read my WIAW, you know lunch wasn't much better. Here's to making up for it this weekend!

5. Hair Washing
Do you wash your hair every day?
I have read like a million articles saying I shouldn't wash it daily, but I run and feel gross. Ideas? I am still washing like 5 days a week :(
Olivia Palermo's hair
This is my dream hair. Never. Gonna. Happen.

Have an awesome week ad thanks Natasha


  1. I LOVE finding new make up and pb is super delicious!

    I used to wash my hair everyday, but now I try for every other. On the days I don't was my hair I just put it up in a ballerina bun or a twist as my hair is very fine and won't hold much volume the 2nd say. I've noticed a difference in the health of my hair for sure.

    Stopping by from the linkup, have a great weekend.

    1. A bun is such a stylish life savor - I need to become more committed to rocking one when my hair is dirty. I have fine hair too, so my day 2 look is pretty flat :P

      Have an awesome weekend!

  2. her hair is gorgeous! honestly, i have the same prob - i try not to wash every day, but when I run, I can't not wash. So I try to schedule a run around a hair wash - like Monday morning I run, I wash afterwards. Then my hair is clean for Monday & Tuesday. Tuesday night I run, don't wash hair until Wednesday morning, after another run. I don't mind sleeping on gross hair, but don't like to venture out into the world with it. All else fails, I do a sock bun on a dirty day!

    1. Kristen, that is such a good idea! Sleeping on dirty hair is so much better the subjecting those around me to it.
      **sigh** we all wish we had OP's hair.

  3. so much to say - i wear HD makeup when i know i'm going to get a picture taken and i absolutely think it makes all the diff. absolutely love. i run a lot too and i absolutely have to shower. can you just wet your hair instead of actually washing it and let it air dry? that's really the best option, i think. found you via the linkup! new reader!

    1. Thanks for reading Karli - your blog is so cute!
      Do you have issues with the HD powder looking white in photos? I read that some people get that result, but haven't had that experience yet.
      Wetting my hair is the best option I have too - it is a little better than keeping it dirty. Sometimes I cave a re-blow dry it though.. oops!

  4. Haha how does Olivia get her hair like that!? I have always wondered because that is my dream hair too :)

    I have never tried the NYX brand, but it sounds like they have some good stuff!

  5. just stopping by from the 5 on Friday link up! Great blog and hope you stop by mine too !


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