Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rainy weekend thoughts

The weekend is here, and somehow it doesn't seem to restful. AR and I both worked late last night. I came home and cleaned like crazy. It is always a sign of a hectic weekend when I just want to clean my apartment on Friday night.

Today we dropped my car off at 7:30, grabbed some coffee, and went our separate ways: AR to work, me to school. What happen to our weekend of lazy brunch, long runs, and relaxing afternoons? Somehow, life gets to crazy and I am exhausted and a little burned out.

So the words above are my thoughts for the weekend. Gratitude. I am blessed beyond belief. Recognizing that is the most empowering thing I can do.

Goals for the weekend:
- Take time for a long workout tomorrow
- Rock my oral arguments this weekend at law school
- Cook and eat a peaceful dinner for just AR and I (first time in over a week!)
- Prep more exciting meals for the upcoming week

What are your goals for the weekend?


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