Friday, May 30, 2014

5 on Friday

Hello all and Happy Friday! I must admit, the work week was pleasantly short this week. I think I could be a 4 on/3 off kind of girl ;)

Linking up with Natasha and friends for a little 5 on Friday!

1. This Bag
I saw this purse at Ann Taylor last Friday, but the salesperson said it wasn't part of the 40% off sale. I wasn't willing to pay $118 for it, so I went home. The nest day, AR had to pick something up at a different mall. I took him in to see the bag and the salesperson there said it was 40% off! At the register, the manager said it was a mistake, it was not on sale, but they would honor the price because an employee has quoted it to me. STEAL! I rushed out with my pink bag for $70. Love it.

2. This granola.
I made the Law Student's Wife's Chocolate Almond Granola last night. my home smelled amazing. AR flew in around 9 and we ate about a cup of it before bed. It is amazing.
Chocolate Almond Olive Oil Granola with Coconut and Cherries. BEST granola I've ever tried!
Photo by the Law Student's Wife. Not me.

3. This tanner. 
I know I promised to review tan towels this weekend, but I'm going to wait. While I already said how much I loved the lotion, I have only used the wipes once. So I am giving it another week before I tell you what I think :)

4. These shoes.
Saucony got me again. I grabbed a pair of last season's Kinvaras to try for my speed work and I am in love. I used to run in a lighter shoe, but once I started doing distance, I moved to something more supportive. While I still love my Saucony Triumphs, these are perfect for speed work and shorter runs.

And they are neon coral. Who can beat that?

5. This smoothie. 
Anyone else on a major smoothie kick now that it is hot out? Sometimes I add a bunch of different things, but other days I keep it simple. On Wednesday, I made my own version of a strawberry milkshake: frozen strawberries, ice, almond milk, and protein powder. It was so so yummy.

Have an excellent weekend!!

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  1. I am seriously in love with that bag- SUPER cute! And those running shoes?! I can't even. Those are so fun!

    Have a great weekend! :)


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