Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekend Recap: Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I left work 2 hours early on Friday - woo hoo! AR and  I  went to the gym for a while, made a stop at the running store, and then went to dinner with AR's brother. We walked to a place near-by and I enjoyed a plate of vegetable sides: spinach- quinoa risotto, roasted green beans, edamame succotash,  and okra.

Saturday morning started with the farmer's market (always). It was the first weekend of the summer for fresh peaches! We grabbed greens, peaches, and whole wheat bread. We also got coffee and avocado-egg sandwiches for breakfast.

We walked home, packed lunches, and went for a day of hiking on the Chatahoochee River! We had an amazing afternoon of hiking and picnicking on the water.

All of the walking sapped out energy. We made noodle bowls: chicken meatballs, rice noodles, shredded carrots, and chopped lettuce. Served with a warm fresno-chili sauce. It was so yummy!  We finished out night with a movie and frozen yogurt :)

I woke up extra-early on Sunday morning to get a longer run in before the heat got bad. Marathon training over the summer is so much fun (not).

Now I am on to a peach cobbler and roasted vegetable pasta salad for today's BBQ. Happy holiday!



  1. All of those veggie sides sound amazing. I am a huge Okra fan, but I like it deep fried. I guess that takes the healthiness out of it haha!

    1. Allison, I love fried okra so so much. I still count it as a vegetable ;)


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