Sunday, June 22, 2014

ATL Eats: Parish & Weekend Highlights

Hey all! Checking in over the weekend to share an amazing meal that AR and I had on Friday!

We went to Parish in Inman Park. We run past this restaurant every weekend on the Beltline and always say "we should stop there." I was so excited to finally try in this weekend!

We started with a decadent truffle grilled cheese, and drinks: Riesling for me, and a 'Love's Rock' cocktail for AR. The grilled cheese was so decadent, with gooey cheese on the outside and crusty cheese on the outside. We only ate half of it, because we wanted to save room for other yummy things. I made sure to box up those leftovers though! (You can see a picture of it at the bottom!)

Next, we split a deconstructed wedge salad. I would have liked more lettuce, but the homemade dressing was excellent - even for someone like me, who doesn't like creamy dressing.

For our main entrees, I had a a sourdough gnocchi with vegetables and a kale pesto. I was so surprised at how light this dish felt. The gnocchi was in a broth almost, with all of the fresh vegetables. The kale pesto was different than I expected and I loved it.

AR had fried chicken with pureed potatoes and asparagus. The chicken was to DIE FOR. It was topped with a light honey to sweeten, which was different, but a good combo. I was glad I didn't order the chicken, because it was on a bone and I don't like to eat chicken on a bone. But I like trying bites of it off AR's plate :)

I was so full, but something sweet was still in order. Parish is actually two restaurants in one, the top floor being the main restaurant, and the lower level serving as the Parish Market. We went down to the Market for our dessert and were completely captivated by the decor.

The Parish Market is so adorable, with brick walls and an open kitchen. There are big tables and long windows out to the Beltline, and walls of treats. We split a decaf latte and a magic bar: an oreo cookie crumble, chocolate chips, walnuts, and sweetened condensed milk. It was a little rick for me, but two or three bites his the spot.

I must mention that the staff, both upstairs and downstairs, was one of the best parts of the experience. There were excellent and I so enjoyed the experience.

The sun was setting, so we took our sweets outside and ate at a table on the Beltline. When we finished, we enjoyed a long walk (in my heels!). I cannot believe it has taken us this long to try Parish, but we will certainly be back!


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