Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Confessions

Good morning! Linking up with Ms. Leslie today for some Friday Confessions. Enjoy!

I confess that I ate cereal for breakfast like 3 times this week. Remember my awesome breakfast meals? Yeah. I got lazy and sick of anything warm in the mornings. I come back from my runs too over heated, so it’s just cereal or yogurt.

I confess that I canceled Barre class and went to a vegan restaurant with my friend Luci last night. We were supposed to go to class at 5:45 and do dinner afterwards, but we decided dinner was enough. I ran yesterday morning, so at least I got a workout in. I had a veggie and quinoa stir-fry with thai peanut sauce and tempeh. Yum.

I confess that I watched Real Housewives of New York on Tuesday night because I have no good summer shows. I wish Revenge and Nashville would come back… RHNY just isn’t comparable. I can only watch middle ages women scream and drink wine do much.

I confess that I read three articles on aloe vera juice this morning before work. Anyone take this? Should I be taking it? I read that it is the most amazing healthy and beauty product on earth and can cure things like cancer and ulcers. I also read that it kills rats because it increases toxin levels in the body. I don’t have ulcers and I am not a rat, so the information didn’t help me much. Thoughts?

I confess that am finally going to the Atlanta High Museum tonight. I’ve lived in ATL for one year and haven’t done many museums, so tonight we are going. I am not a big modern art fan… but we will see!

I confess that I am going to the mall tomorrow for a second time to find new black high heels. Mine have officially had it. Last weekend I went and they only had one box of the pair I wanted. When I opened the box, it had one size 7 shoe and one size 7.5 L Let’s hope I can find two of the same size this weekend. (should that be this hard? I don't think so.)

Weekend plans: Museum and dinner tonight, 6 mile pace run on Saturday, brewery tour with some coworkers on Saturday night, 9 mile run on Sunday, and then my last week of my summer internship!!

Have an amazing weekend!


  1. Stopping by from the link up! I'm so glad I did!
    I love cereal but I only want to eat it in the summer! Is that weird... ?
    I have been trying to get into running this summer to get ready for a 5k in September but it's way hard than I expected! I'm not a runner. So 6 and 9 mile runs are not on my weekend todo list.. Maybe someday.. (;
    -- Leslie

    1. Thanks for reading! I only eat cereal in the summer too - so random. Hope your weekend was awesome :)


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