Monday, July 21, 2014

Law School: Looking forward to the second year

This is my last week at my amazing summer internship. I have so enjoyed my 10 weeks in my office and cannot believe it is over already.

What I really can't seem to believe is that I am about to start 2L year. For those who aren't familiar with law school, we call ourselves 1Ls, 2Ls, or 3Ls, depending on the year.

1L year was pretty rough. For those of you who read my blog regularly, I'm sure you saw the bags grow under my eyes with each passing week. Transitioning from teaching first grade to attending law school was awkward. Going home each night to 200+ pages of reading was exhausting. Knowing my entire grade depended on only one exams was terrifying. I learned a lot about my own study habits and made some good changes between semesters. It was a transition, but I am better for it.

A beautifully labeled Civil Procedure outline I made.

My Property law flashcards. My friend Kate and I bought every large note card we could find and used them ALL. We eventually ran out and switched to smaller one. Sad. 

I am so excited to start the next year. I feel like I know how to approach the classes better now. I feel more confident in my abilities and more excited about the materials I am studying.

Interviews for next summer's internships start in August (thinking about law school? Remember that both your 1L summer and 2L summer internships are decided on your first year's grades. And most people get offers post-graduation from their 2L summer internship. That means everything rides on 1L year. No pressure.). I have a great selection of firms lined up and I am so excited. I am obsessed with learning everything about the firms, their partners, their clients, everything. Interviewing is so much fun, but also worrisome. I am so happy to have options and a great support system.

1L year is suppose to be more challenging than the other years. Once you learn how to study the law, it becomes easier. Many people become less worried about grades after the first year too. I don't think that is likely for me, I am too competitive ;) I do hope I am able to enjoy other things and not be so totally enveloped in classes the entire year.

For now, I am trying to focus textbooks and class schedules so I don't become too stressed. I have a couple weeks off before classes start, thankfully. I need to stock up on sleep for the upcoming year! I hope this next year includes a little more fun and relaxation than the previous one. Grades are wonderful, but relationships are essential. I want to invest in both this time around.

Here's to another year!

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  1. Well the good thing is that since you're competitive, your grades will probably stay really high :) Good luck!!!


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