Sunday, July 27, 2014

Marathon Training: Week 8

Things really got intense this week in my marathon training! The farther into my training plan I get, the higher the mileage. I'll be honest, my legs are shot.

If you are just checking in, I am chronicling my journey to the Chicago Marathon. You can find my whole training plan here - this is my third marathon and I am really stepping up the training this time around!

Monday - rest. I often cross train on Mondays, but today was just a rest day. I walked about 2 miles, and that was perfect.
Tuesday - 4 mile run. AR and I ran before work and it was gorgeous weather.
Wednesday - 7 5 mile run. This was supposed to be a 7 mile run, but I got out of the house late. I did this on the treadmill. I walked 2 miles later, but I technically didn't get all of the miles :(
Thursday - 4 mile run outside. Nothing special.
Friday - rest. Long walk to the park during lunch.

Saturday - 7 mile pace run. I walked to the gym and jogged for a half of a mile on the treadmill. I started with 2 miles at a 9:05. I then did 2 miles at a 8:50, shifting to a 8:40 pace for the remained of the run. AR and I walked home from the gym.
Sunday - 14 miles. It was hot and humid, but we did it! I may have taken a potty break inside Starbucks around mile 8 (oops), but other than that, things were good.  I snacked on a couple energy jelly beans on the run around mile 10, which helped with energy. I didn't eat much on Saturday, which absolutely influenced my running. I could tell I was under fed and tired, but I still managed!

Next week the only change is my Sunday long run, which shifts from 14 to 15. No biggie - I got this :)

On a side note, I seriously need to get some new running shoes. August is going to be horrific and my shoes on are on their way out! Ill be checking out the Saucony website shortly.


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