Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Leg & Hip Stretches (& my weekend!)

I didn't do a weekend recap this week. Why? Because I spent the entire weekend either running or stressing about school starting. (Am I the only person who gets severe anxiety about the first day of school?) No idea why I worry so much, but I do. I left for class on Monday 75 minutes early, just because I was worried. I feel ridiculous.

I got up and ran this morning at the gym. I honestly limped to the treadmill and started jogging very slowly. About a half of a mile in, I contemplated going home because it hurt so badly and I was hobbling along.

I took a moment to check my body - I know the difference between pain and soreness, and this really was just soreness. I ran an 8 mile pace run on Saturday, 17 miles on Sunday, and took a pretty nasty fall. My poor body was just tight.

I slowed the pace down and a few miles later, I was happy and able to get back to pace. My body just needed to stretch out.

I found these awesome stretches on Pinterest from POPSugar:

These look so amazing, don't they?

I plan to have a serious stretching session tonight. I know this is something I have neglected in my marathon training, and I need to address it now before I really do get an injury. During my last training plans, I was actively attending yoga at a near-by studio, but this time around, I just haven't.

Anyone have any awesome yoga or stretching videos to share? 


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