Friday, September 26, 2014

Its Friday!!! (Confessions)

Hello ladies!

It's time for some Friday Confessions with the lovely mama Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition. Happy weekend all!!

1. I confess that I have never seen an episode of Scandal. But I did just watch my third episode of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders - Making the Team. Yes, my taste in television is excellent.

Seriously though, have you seen this show? They dance all the time in full hair and make-up and its crazy hard. Then, if they put on any weight, they are called in to the office and told "you don't look your best." I just imagine my boss calling me into her office and saying "you're fat." Crazy.

2. I confess that this weekend is the North Georgia State Fair and I am dying to go! I LOVE state fairs, which is semi-out of character for me. I'm not so big on the food, but I love all of the animals and music. On Saturday, Craig Campbell is playing, so I just might be there :)

3. I confess that I made sweet potato biscuits yesterday morning after a glorious 5 mile run with AR. All of my classes were canceled until 5pm and I took full advantage of it. This morning I am enjoying left over biscuits with a fried egg!

4. I confess that I went out last night for Girls Night with the Junior League. I know, I know - I never go out on Thursdays, but I don't have class on Fridays, so I joined. We went to Canoe, which has seriously the most gorgeous outdoor space I have ever seen. If you live anywhere near Atlanta, you need to go here!!!

5. I confess that I don't know what shoes to wear right now. Is it boot season? Bootie season? Wedges? I feel like all are inappropriate right now, so I just wear ballet flats and pumps. Seriously, this this is a struggle. Its 60* when I leave for school at 75* by afternoon. No shoes are appropriate.

6. I confess that I read some awesome articles this week - and you should too!

- this  article on wearing white pants after labor day... and I did not pack my white pants away! Lets see if I can make it work :)
- this article on making your own kombucha. Not saying I will make my own yet, but this was inspiring.
- this video tutorial on dewy make-up. LOVE her videos and have learned so much from watching them.


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  1. going out on a thursday makes you want to go out more on friday :)


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