Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Marathon Training: Wk 15 - 3 weeks out!!

Race day will be here in less than three weeks!!! Ahh, so excited for the Chicago Marathon! I cannot believe that last week contained my final *long run* and I am on to the taper.

Last week I ran:

M - Rest.

T - 5 miles. These were early morning treadmill miles :)

W - 8 miles. I didn't end up getting to the gym until about 5pm, which was okay. The 8 miles went great, but I knew the next day would be hard.

Th - 5 miles. I woke up to run these 5 only 12 hours after my 8 miler... not ideal. I was pretty tight and sore, but I made it!

F - Rest.

S - 5 miles at race pace. AR and I did this on the treadmill together and it was great!

S - 22 miles!!! This was my longest training run to date. For Houston, I only did one 20 miler and it was horrific. For Atlanta, we did two 20 milers. This time, we both felt that we wanted a second 20 miler, and had debated expanding it to 22. Our plan only called for 20, but we decided to push it a little bit. The run was great!
We definitely ran a slower pace, but felt pretty strong for the first 20. At 21, I lost a little interest in the whole thing and my legs started to really tighten up. We pushed through the mile and ran to about 21.5. At that point, we encountered a huge hill that is near our apartment. We both looked at each other and said "I'm walking that" :) Still proud of the run and all 22 miles.
I was also happy with my fueling for this run: I used a package of Honey Stinger energy chews (fruit smoothie flavor!) and one Honey Stinger chocolate wafer. The wafers are a little dry, but work well for me. I've tried several gells and really don't love them - Honey Stinger is always my fav! I will be bringing these two things to the race.

Throwback to my last fall trip to Chicago!

Love this picture - I actually pneumonia here... hahah

This week is a bit lighter - my highest weekday run is only 6 miles and our weekend run is only 12.

Next on the schedule? Buying a new pair of Saucony Triumphs and picking out a new shirt for race day! I always love a new outfit for races :) Right now I am planning on shorts and shirtsleeves, with a sweatshirt to throw away. Chicago has had really cold/wet races and really hot ones, so I guess I need to plan for everything.

My suitcase will likely be all running gear, compression socks, and sweatpants. I apologize in advance to my family for my appearance for that weekend :P



  1. We were in Chicago two weekends ago and there were SO many runners on the lakefront, including a woman with a prosthetic leg, and it was beyond inspiring! I assume a large majority of them are preparing for the race :)

    1. That is so awesome! I always feel inspired to go running after I watch other people doing it :)


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