Monday, September 15, 2014

Marathon training: Wk 15 & Weekending!

Monday is back :(

After such a fantastic weekend, I am a little heart broken to see a new school week start. The dreary, gloomy, rainy Atlanta weather isn't helping at all.

I just finished week 15 in my marathon training (where in the world did the last few months go???) and only have 4 weeks until the Chicago marathon. I am excited to go up north and see my family in a month... am I excited about the 26.2 miles? Mmmm.... not yet :P

Friday night was absolutely horrific, weather wise. I volunteered most of the day at the Junior League's Nearly new shop and had plans to go to dinner with AR and another couple. Our reservations were not until 9pm, so AR and I planned to grab drinks at a near-by bar before dinner.

Confession: I threw a mini-fit before dinner about what to wear. It was almost 90* and pouring rain. And it is mid-September. Tell me how to dress for that!

We ran down the street with a high umbrella, only managing to get slightly wet. Out favorite spot was pretty empty (see above), due to the weather, so we grabbed a corner table. I sipped on wine and split a soft pretzel with AR. I will miss eating soft pretzels pre-dinner when marathon training ends. 

Dinner with our friends was amazing. I just love them.

Saturday was a day to sleep in - we didn't get home until after 1am, which is late for me - and a trip to the gym. I was CRUSHED to find out I had an 8 mile run, not the 4 miles I had mentally planned on.

Luckily, I messed up my Wednesday run too, by running 6.4 instead of 5, so I did 7 at the gym and called it even :)

This week I ran:
M- rest
T - 5 miles
W - 6.4 miles with the running group! 
Th - 5 miles
F - rest

AR's mother came to visit and we took her to lunch at a favorite healthy spot. At this point, it was 3pm and all I had eaten was a piece of peanut butter toast, so I was starving!! My lunch: faro & lady pea salad with a bowl of lentil soup. Ice tea on the side. Yummmmm!

Saturday night was low key. AR and I made enchiladas for his mother and I baked these awesome peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars (which I quickly packed up for her to take with her the next day!).

Sunday was a 12 mile run in the rain, but I am not complaining. When you get to this point in marathon training, 12 miles is such a relief. I was thrilled, even with the rain. My legs felt really strong and I the run went by so fast. My Saucony Triumphs shoes are really on their last leg, so I had to wear my Kinvaras for the run. Previously, I only wore those shoes for <8 mile runs, but I LOVED them. I think they might become a distance shoe for me.

Sunday afternoon consisted of frozen yogurt, lots of studying, and Miss America :) Thoughts on that talent, anyone? 

Hope your weekend was incredible! 


  1. You're running the Chicago marathon?! Jealous!!! I know a few friends who are running it too :). I'm just starting my half marathon training which I think is always the hardest part haha. And omg New York's cup talent? *crickets....what was even going on there??

    1. Yes! I am so excited about Chicago :) Good luck on your training... the beginning is so hard, isn't it? I am kind of ready to be done with weekend long runs at this point, to be honest.
      I don't even have words for that talent... I was so confused. Hahaha


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