Saturday, October 18, 2014

A proposal {the story}

Happy Saturday!

I’m sharing my story from last Saturday on the blog this morning. If you are stopping back by from yesterday’s link-up – thank you!

Last weekend AR and I went to Chicago for the Chicago Marathon. While on the trip, we planned to visit my alma mater. Though we have been dating for years, I have never taken AR to my college – in fact, I haven’t been back myself since graduation day in 2011.

We missed our train to head over to campus, so I wanted to just skip the visit, by AR insisted we still go. I couldn’t really figure out why he cared so much, but I said okay and we grabbed a cab over to my campus.

To give you some background, I went to school at a very small, very old college on an arboretum. As you might imagine, the campus is absolutely gorgeous in the fall – the sidewalks are all lined with trees in bright shades of gold, yellow and red. I think AR was surprised when we got out of the taxi by the size of my school. I told him it was small and he thought I meant that it only had one building, haha!

We walked around some of the buildings and I took him to the old chapel in the back of the campus. The chapel is stunning and people book it 2 years in advance for weddings. As we walked through it, we started talking about getting married. This is not an unusual conversation topic for us, so I didn’t think a thing.

But when we walked out on the steps, he got down on one knee and the rest is history.

I may or may not have been crying... ;) 

I know you are wondering so…

How long have we been dating? We celebrated 3 years in June!

How did AR and I meet? At a coffee shop in Houston, TX. I was there for Teach for America and had just moved two weeks prior. I randomly pulled into a coffee shop and set my stuff next to a cute guy in a baseball cap. We chatted all afternoon while we both worked on things and he asked for my number when I left. We went to dinner the next weekend. And here we are, almost three and a half years later!

Did I have a feeling AR was going to propose? Honestly, NO! I mean, I knew he would eventually, but I did not think it would happen any time soon.

Outside of our hotel after our eventful evening!
Did I pick out my ring? Nope, it was all him and he did a perfect job. He had asked me several times about what I liked and he knows my taste well J

When is the wedding? No idea! I am going to start working on that at some point, though balancing it with law school may be a challenge. 

What did we do after he proposed? I was in total shock. We walked around some more and talked about everything. We road the train back to our hotel and grabbed dinner. We told our families the next evening, but it was special to have it just be us for a while. 



  1. YAY! I can't wait to follow along on your wedding planning journey! Enjoy the time. It will absolutely fly by.

    1. Thanks Meghan!! I am so excited and plan to check out all of your wedding posts for inspiration :)

  2. Aww loved this! Congratulations!!! Wedding planning was a blast, make sure to soak it all up :) Beautiful ring.. he did good!


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