Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Check In & Weekend Highlights!

Hey All,

It is Monday. We all know what that means... we slide back into our weekly duties while reliving the fun of the weekend.

Here are some highlights:

- I went and saw Gone Girl! AR and I went on Saturday night and it was incredible. Such a good movie. We don't see movies in theaters often (We counted 3 in the last 18 months... including Gone Girl, lol), but this one was so worth it.

- We survived week two of our cleanse. We are avoiding meat, dairy, refined sugar, beer/liquor, and white carbs. Honestly, the sugar has been the hardest part. I would kill someone for a chocolate chip cookie some times - jk :P But I am subbing with fruit and tea with honey. Even after only one week, fruit seems SO much sweeter.

- We bought pumpkins. A nearby church sells them to raise money for their youth group, so AR and I grabbed 4. Sadly, I had too much studying to do this weekend, so we didn't carve them. I plan to carve them this weekend and I will be sure to post pictures.

- Wedding planning.... ahhhh!!! We started looking at dates and locations... more to come on this soon.

- I went on my first post-marathon run. It felt amazing, but I was sore afterwards. I only did about 3 miles, and I couldn't believe how happy it made me. Running is seriously my happy place.

Have you seen Gone Girl? Did you like it? 



  1. I really need to get back into running because it is definitely my happy place as well. And yay for wedding planning! Also, love that quote. :) xo

  2. We NEVER see movies in the theater either so it's always a big deal when we do! After reading Gone Girl, I knew I had to see it now though!! Yay for wedding planning, can't wait to hear what you're thinking! :)


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